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Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl der Bilder und Gemälde von Catherine Pennington-Meyer. Klicken Sie auf das Bild um es zu vergrößern.

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Below a selection of the painted artworks of Catherine Pennington-Meyer. Click on the picture to enlarge.

For details and prices please see my facebook-page.

Where You Meet Me

Where You Meet Me von Catherine Pennington-Meyer

Coarse, stony, fluidity, where you meet me.
Unalike as two can be, where you meet me.
Move as one, invisibly, where you meet me.
Undercurrents, none can see, where you, meet me.

Weathered, tempest, love story,
Eternally confined and free.
Familiar, kindred, mystery,
Connected as the sands and sea,
Here, you meet me.


Brightening von Catherine Pennington-Meyer

A sudden empty silence of
Howled winds, quiet
Sprinkling pattered droplets
Last rain tendrills lit in gold

Silvering sunshines slice at leaden cloud
Shafting downwards
Thick blazing rays
Spotlighting the waters beneath

Copyright Catherine Pennington-Meyer


Awakening von Catherine Pennington-Meyer

Months of stillness
White muffled ground
Paint-bombed with
Fervent life
No longer willing
To seek permission

Copyright Catherine Pennington-Meyer

Oriental Green

Oriental Green von Catherine Penneington-Meyer

This light-filled abstract enhances any scheme with colour whilst remaining calm and easy to live with.


LUMEN by Catherine Pennington-Meyer

This impactful abstract is truly impressive at two metres by two metres. It is both moody & atmospheric, and full of light & energy.

Still Waters

Still Waters von Catherine Pennington-Meyer

This restful and calming abstract captures the light and peace of quiet waters on a summer‘s day. Acrylic, metal paint, and paste on 3D canvas, 140cm x 100cm

Abstract In Blue

Gimlet Sky von Catherine Pennington-Meyer

This beautiful abstract is full of raw energy and colour and yet is calming due to the multiple blue tones incorporated.

Lightness of Being

Lightness of Being von Catherine Pennington-Meyer

The brightening breathes
Birdsong into air
Warmth spreads slow,
Blanketing us beneath
Beauty, bittersweet
With transience,
Fills us with light
Then dissolves, bleached,
Into sunshine

Copyright Catherine Pennington-Meyer


Singapore von Catherine Pennington-Meyer

This colourful abstract is a highly textural and has been built up over many layers to achieve the depth and intensity desired.

Copyright Catherine Pennington-Meyer


Bild Salutation von Catherine Pennington-Meyer

Tissue papered petals
Of softest blush
Barely opened
Bob a greeting
On this warm morning’s breeze
The first small pleasure
Of a new day

Copyright Catherine Pennington-Meyer


Bild Old Town von Catherine Pennington-Meyer

This abstract studies the beauty of patination on metal, whilst on a deeper level, questioning our throwaway and youth-obsessed society.


Fluid mountains
Tower, translucent,
Seethe and crash.
A frenzied skin,
Torn, smashed, folding,
Rushed, rising,
Tugged high
On lunar strings


Copyright Catherine Pennington-Meyer

In-Situ Beispiele / In-Situ-Examples